Allergy Diseases: A Global Public Health Concern - One of Our Expert Areas

Allergy diseases including eczema, asthma, hay fever, food allergies, drugs allergies etc. are increasing every year. According to WHO estimates, there are around 150m people who suffer from allergy diseases. Some severe allergy cases can be life-threating such as anaphylaxis; 25%-38% mild or seasonal allergy diseases will develop into permanent asthma. WHO estimates that around 200,000 people die of asthma each year.

Allergies are commonly considered to be caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system, with genetic and environmental factors involved as well. There is no cure in Western conventional medicine.  The treatments of conventional medicine include avoiding known allergens and using steroids, antihistamine, epinephrine, mast cell stabilizers, etc.

China Pharma approaches allergy diseases in a new way. China Pharma’s theory is that modern medical understandings of allergy diseases are only partially right, yet do not realize their fundamental causes; this is why all the treatments can only relieve symptoms. Although current allergy treatments are generally effective and safe, long term and repeated use can inevitably cause more serious health issues such as emphysema, corpulmonale etc.

China Pharma believes there are two fundamental causes of allergy diseases:  1. The imbalance of general nutrition which causes the immune system to be over-active; 2. Deficiency of some specific nutrition which results in the weakness/unhealthy condition of the body’s outer skins and inner skins (membrane of nose, eyes, throat, mouth, lips and gastro-intestine).  Thus the protective functions of the outer skin and inner skin are reduced or damaged; as a result, harmful substances (antigens) can easily get into the body, leading to the immune reactions.

Based on our theories and long-term research, we carefully selected various advanced and specific ingredients from Chinese botanicals. We have created and optimised a series of unique formulae for various allergy diseases. Our remedies contain potent ingredients to effectively and safely restore the body’s nutritional imbalances and correct the body’s nutritional deficiencies, strengthen the outer and inner skins and increase their protective functions.  In this way, not only prevent the hypersensitivity of the body’s immune system, but also block antigens entering into the body from the origin.

Using our unique approach and products, we have successfully treated thousands of allergy cases, during our more than 25 years of clinical practice in the UK and North America.

  • Traditionally Used

    All our ingredients are high quality Chinese botanicals which have been traditionally used for their healing properties

  • Clinically Proven

    We have carefully tested and developed our products in our 20+ years of clinical practice in UK and North America

  • Scientifically Based

    Combining modern medical science with decades of working with natural ingredients make our products both innovative and effective

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