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We started our first Chinese herbal medicine clinic in London in 1996. Our unique expertise in both Chinese medicine and modern conventional medicine allow us to develop our own innovative formulations for various health concerns. Our clinical experience and thousands of successful cases are the foundation for the creation of our China Pharma products.

All our remedies are 100% natural and crafted with premium GMP certified Chinese botanicals according to our doctor-developed formulae. They have been clinically proven to be safe and effective, with no side effects. We use only pure Chinese herbs that have been used for thousands of years in China for their healing properties.

All products comply with European regulations and do not contain any animal-related ingredients or mineral ingredients. Our remedies tackle both the symptoms and roots of health problems, working at multiple levels—holistic, cellular and molecular, to restore internal deficiencies and promote the body's balance and repair.  






China Pharma originates from Dr Jie Shen’s (BSc, MSc, PhD/MD) exceptional medical experience of over 50 years, in both Chinese medicine and Western medicine. 

Dr Shen was born into a traditional Chinese medicine family and qualified as a doctor in both Chinese medicine and Western medicine. He obtained his Doctor Degree in medicine (PhD/MD) from Beijing Medical University in 1988, and postdoctoral training (1989-1991) at Peking University. Dr Shen has won several national awards in medicine in China (1991 - National Science Foundation, 1989 - Zhang Xu Jun Foundation).

In 1991, Dr Shen received a fellowship from the UK’s Wellcome Trust, to work as a Clinical Post-Doctorate Research Fellow at King’s College Hospital London. He later worked in the Wellcome Research Laboratory (which later formed part of pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline). Dr Shen has almost 30 years of clinical practice in Chinese medicine, in the UK and North America, including at Kingston University Health Centre and Harley Street.

 Message from our Manager Lisa Shen (Master of Law, Cambridge)


Welcome to China Pharma.

China Pharma products have been developed over decades of clinical practice and we have worked to continuously innovate over the years. We manufacture our products using the highest quality Chinese botanicals and they are designed to effectively tackle symptoms as well as promote long term benefits. We believe in offering optimum natural solutions to help the body’s functions regenerate to healthy conditions. In creating our products, we aim to combine the wisdom and knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, a medical system with 5000 years’ history, with the strengths of modern medical sciences.

I sincerely hope you can benefit from our pioneering natural herbal products.


Our Clinics and Centres: 

First London Clinic established in 1996

Our centre in Ontario, Canada


Our clinic in Surrey, UK


Our clinic in Central London