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China Pharma

Red Gold (C) for Men Infertility Remedy

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The Red GoldTM Series

Inspired by the wisdom of the Ancient Chinese Taoists’  “Internal Elixir” and the Emperor's “Palace Secret Formula of Aphrodisiac”; plus our unique expertise in Chinese medicine and modern medical sciences, we have developed China Pharma’s Red Gold series for men’s sexual health and wellbeing. 

In Ancient China, the Emperors had many wives and concubines and favoured herbal aphrodisiacs to help maintain their sexual power. The Taoist’s (a philosophy / religious doctrine) internal alchemy aiming at becoming immortal focuses on the three treasures of the body: the nutritive essence-semen (精), vital energy (气) and spirit (神). Red Gold series aims to sort out men’s sexual health problems by strengthening and boosting these three bodily treasures for men.

Red Gold (A) helps premature ejaculation

Red Gold (B) helps impotence / erectile dysfunction

Red Gold (C) helps male infertility

Please see our ‘Internal Remedies’ section for the other Red Gold (A) and Red Gold (B).  

Red Gold (C) helps male infertility

  • Pure natural tonics (GMP certified Chinese plants)
  • Best solution for infertility
  • Two months’ supply
  • Boosts testosterone and blood flow
  • Improves structure and function of reproductive system
  • Increases sperm quality, quantity and motility
  • Long term health benefits
  • Stay young and prolong life
  • Safe (like food)
  • Small batch made in the UK

Red Gold (C) is a carefully crafted, clinically proven formula of potent high quality Chinese botanical ingredients (including phytochemicals and some precious ingredients), developed from our decades of clinical practice in the UK and North America. Red Gold (C) provides a large group of advanced and specific nutrition which boosts sexual functions in multiple ways.

How does Red Gold (C) work?

Red Gold (C) 3-Way Action

Red Gold (C)’s 3-Way Action works rather like the 3 aspects of a product manufacture process: raw materials, production line and operations.  

  1. Supports a large group of various specific nutrition and tonics to improve sperm production. Part of the causes which influence the quality and quantity of sperm is certain deficiencies in the body and lack of certain nutrition. For example, modern medicine has identified the importance of zinc; however, sperm production may be much more than just zinc. Red Gold (C) provides an extensive range of high quality, potent natural nutrients to aid sperm quality, quantity and motility. As a result sperm production is enriched with better raw materials.
  2. Improves vital energy or life force (the ‘Qi’) as well as the blood circulation and blood flow, especially in the sexual organs. Both the blood and vital energy, these fundamental substances for life and fertility, are nourished, which enhances the sexual organs. The enhanced sexual organs can be considered as the optimum production line for sperm production; thus the productive capability is increased. The improved ‘Qi’ vital life energy helps the body’s innate intelligence and ability to combat infertility through improved physiological functions.
  3. Boosts general health and energy and restores internal balance and harmony. In particular, helps the regulation and control of the nervous system and hormone (endocrine) system. The nervous system functions well, hormone levels are restored and cell communication is facilitated. The endocrine system more smoothly coordinates the metabolism, energy level and reproduction processes. With more vigour and vitality, the operational running efficiency of the sperm production line is boosted.

Around 40-50% cases of infertility are due to the man’s problem; the WHO listed 16 causes of male infertility. There is no effective treatment for most of them in modern medicine so far, although there are some research and new medical trials for some single causes. Red Gold (C) combats the causes of infertility very much like using a net to fish instead using a fishing hook; the approach and characteristic of Red Gold (C) is to cover as many causes as possible simultaneously, not just a single issue each time.

Red Gold (C) is designed to be a two-month course; this is because sperm’s development to maturation takes around two months. We suggest after you finish one course to have a semen analysis or sperm test again and see the improved situation. How many courses you need will depend on the individual circumstances, or test results. Red Gold (C) is suitable long term use. If a sperm test is not available; you can continually take it until the infertility is resolved.  

The sperm test is not a perfect examination and due to its limitations, even if the report is satisfactory, it does not mean there are no problems present. Some mild or underlying problems or deficiencies may not be apparent from such testing. We recommend taking Red Gold (C) for some time even if your sperm test is OK; this can help increase the success rate and also improve your sex life and general well-being.

How to use Red Gold (C):

Red Gold (C) comes in 3 bottles of 200g each concentrated herbal powder for a two-month supply.

Take 10g a day in the evening. Dissolve powder in hot water. Drink when cool. Add honey if desired.