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China Pharma

Red Gold (B) for Men Impotence

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The Red GoldTM Series

Inspired by the wisdom of the Ancient Chinese Taoists’  “Internal Elixir” and the Emperor's “Palace Secret Formula of Aphrodisiac”; plus our unique expertise in Chinese medicine and modern medical sciences, we have developed China Pharma’s Red Gold series for men’s sexual health and wellbeing. 

In Ancient China, the Emperors had many wives and concubines and favoured herbal aphrodisiacs to help maintain their sexual power. The Taoist’s (a philosophy / religious doctrine) internal alchemy aiming at becoming immortal focuses on the three treasures of the body: the nutritive essence-semen (精), vital energy (气) and spirit (神). Red Gold series aims to sort out men’s sexual health problems by strengthening and boosting these three bodily treasures for men.

Red Gold (A) helps premature ejaculation

Red Gold (B) helps impotence / erectile dysfunction

Red Gold (C) helps male infertility

Please see our ‘Internal Remedies’ section for the other Red Gold (A) and Red Gold (C).  

Red Gold (B) helps impotence / erectile dysfunction

  • Pure natural tonics (GMP certified Chinese herbs)
  • No drug ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Best aphrodisiac remedy for impotence / erectile dysfunction
  • Boosts testosterone and blood flow
  • Stimulates sperm production
  • Increases libido and energy
  • Also helps back, joints pain, etc
  • Long term health benefits
  • Stay young and prolong life
  • Safe (like food)
  • Small batch made in the UK

 How does Red Gold (B) work?

Men suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction, in most situations, can be compared to a horse becoming exhausted due to overwork or underlying health problems and cannot run anymore. It is a form of self-protection of the body. If someone uses a whip to beat the horse and force the horse to run further, it may run a while, but in the end may die of exhaustion. Most fast-working medications for this problem are a bit like a whip. Red Gold (B) tackles impotence or erectile dysfunction in a better and more reasonable way. We let the horse relax and give it special nutrition, take care of underlying problems, help recovery from exhaustion and make the horse stronger. With both the specific and holistic wellbeing increased, the horse can run faster, longer and with more stamina.

Red Gold (B) is a carefully crafted, clinically proven formula of potent high quality Chinese botanical ingredients (including phytochemicals and some precious ingredients), developed from our decades of clinical practice in the UK and North America. Red Gold (B) provides a large group of advanced and specific nutrition which boosts sexual functions in multiple ways.

Red Gold (B) has multiple functions – it may also help some other related health problem at the same time such as back pain, arthritis, polyuria, difficulty urinating, fatigue, tinnitus, etc.

Although all men with impotence or erectile dysfunction will benefit from Red Gold (B), in some situations the effects may not be so obvious. These are cases like: structural problems rather than functional problem (i.e. damage to the nerves), medication-caused impotence or erectile dysfunction (as a side effect). Red Gold (B) is designed for functional problem in a natural condition (without other major interference).

How to use Red Gold (B):

Red Gold (B) comes in 3 bottles of 200g each concentrated herbal powder for a one month supply.

Take 20g a day. 10g in morning, 10g in evening. Dissolve powder in hot water. Drink when cool. Add honey if desired.