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Red Gold (A) For Men Premature Ejaculation

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The Red GoldTM Series

Inspired by the wisdom of the Ancient Chinese Taoists’  “Internal Elixir” and the Emperor's “Palace Secret Formula of Aphrodisiac”; plus our unique expertise in Chinese medicine and modern medical sciences, we have developed China Pharma’s Red Gold series for men’s sexual health and wellbeing. 

In Ancient China, the Emperors had many wives and concubines and favoured herbal aphrodisiacs to help maintain their sexual power. The Taoist’s (a philosophy / religious doctrine) internal alchemy aiming at becoming immortal focuses on the three treasures of the body: the nutritive essence-semen (精), vital energy (气) and spirit (神). Red Gold series aims to sort out men’s sexual health problems by strengthening and boosting these three bodily treasures for men.

Red Gold (A) helps premature ejaculation

Red Gold (B) helps impotence / erectile dysfunction

Red Gold (C) helps male infertility

Please see our ‘Internal Remedies’ section for the other Red Gold (B) and Red Gold (C).  

Introducing RED GOLDTM (A)

Red GoldTM (A) is a doctor-developed, clinically proven formula of potent Chinese herbs that provide a large group of advanced nutrition to combat premature ejaculation, boost sexual functions and improve sex life and general wellbeing for men. It is suitable for adult men of all ages who suffer from premature ejaculation and 95% of men will feel it works in 3 days.

 Premature Ejaculation: The ‘Loose Door’

Around 1 in 3 men suffer from premature ejaculation and it is the most common male sexual condition. Not only does this negatively impact a man’s psychological wellbeing, self-esteem and intimate relationships, for severe cases, there can be complete loss of control and can lead to early death. In Chinese culture, the semen is valuable, like treasure for the male body. The semen is also like the oil in the oil lamp – if the oil becomes depleted, the lamp will extinguish. The premature ejaculation can be considered as a door becomes loose; Red Gold (A) will tighten and strengthen the door, so the door is not easily or quickly opened.

According to modern medical research, the possible causes of premature ejaculation include:  vascular degeneration, medical conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure, hormone levels, stress, anxiety, inflammation of the prostate, thyroid problems, etc. Current treatments include: drug therapy, non-surgical treatment, injections, psychotherapies, shockwave therapy, etc. We believe that in comparison, none can match Red Gold (A) in terms of safety, effect, general well-being, convenience and cost.

Red Gold (A) Story - The “Magic Chinese Coffee”

In around 1998, based on our many successful clinical cases, we developed our first version of Red Gold (A) - the previous name was called Joy Long. We might be the first clinic in the world to make ready-to-use products, using concentrated herbal powder; this is mainly for two reasons: convenience of use and to protect our formula, because Chinese medicine’s intellectual property cannot be properly protected by patents like Western medicine. Our first customer bought one bottle of Joy Long (Red Gold A) to try; just 3 days later, he came back and bought another 5 bottles. We asked him why he was buying so many. He said ‘It works so well, my wife asked me: “What happened to you, why have you suddenly become so long and strong?”’ “I told her I drank some Chinese coffee,” he said proudly and he also told us that it was his wife who urged him to get more of this magic Chinese coffee to store, in case they cannot get any more. So “Chinese coffee" once became the more famous name of Joy Long. Since then we have further optimised our Red Gold (A) product. Now our Red Gold (A) is able to bring our successful clinical treatment to your home.

Key Benefits

  • Best way to sort out premature ejaculation and in multiple ways improve quality of sex life and general well-being, also helps to stay young and prolong life
  • Pure natural tonics - we have carefully selected the best quality GMP certified 100% pure natural Chinese botanicals according to our unique formula (including some phytochemicals and some precious ingredients)
  • Boosts strength and energy - stimulate and restore your sexual vigour with strong tonics specifically for men, nourishes internal organs (including the sexual organs) to improve their physiological functions, vital energy circulation and blood flow
  • Safe (like food) – our remedy is like advanced special nutrition with no side effects, but do not use it if you have urine system infection or kidney failure and you cannot produce enough urine.
  • Small batch made in the UK – to ensure quality we manufacture our products in small batches
  • Easy to use – just add hot water to dissolve the concentrated powder and drink twice a day
  • Red Gold (A) is a comprehensive remedy as it aims to cover almost all possible causes of premature ejaculation; it is also the best treatment for involuntary emission of semen, spermatorrhea, nocturnal emission, spontaneous emission and spermaturia. All these problems are due to the problem of the “door”. Red Gold (A) is able to repair and strengthen the “door” to resolve these problems too.

How to use Red Gold (A):

One package includes 7 bags concentrated herbal extract mixture powder. One bag a day, half in the morning, half in the evening. Use hot water (around 150 ml) to dissolve the powder and drink when cool.

In about three days, you will feel it works. Then you can manage to use it according to your situation. When the door is tight enough, you may stop taking it; if the door becomes loose again, use it again. If you have polyuria, it will sort out both problems at the same time. If you have oliguria, instead of using Red Gold (A), we suggest try Red Gold (B). 

 Buy now to feel the amazing magic of Red Gold!