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Itch Aqua Spray for Eczema Itchy Rashes

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ItchAquaTM is a water-based all-natural herbal spray (30ml) for itchy rashes caused by eczema/allergic dermatitis or other itchy rashes with known or unknown causes. 

Since our first clinic was established London in 1996, we have successfully treated thousands of eczema cases. More than 90% were severe eczema cases; more than 60% were children eczema cases with around 10% infants. Based on this extensive clinical experience and our own theories about eczema, we gradually developed our own products.

Our treatment for eczema includes two parts: Eczemaplus for internal treatment, Itch Aqua for external treatment. The best treatment for eczema is our full package, The Eczemaplus Package, especially for severe cases and eczema flareups. Our package can tackle the roots of eczema, quickly control eczema symptoms and provide long term health benefits.

To purchase the full package, click this link: The Eczemaplus Package, or you can find it on our homepage. If your eczema is mild or under control, using our Itch Aqua spray is also a good choice.

Itch Aqua – Our External Treatment for Eczema and One of our Bestseller Products

Key Benefits:

Instantly Stops Itch

Itch Aqua’s innovative formula instantly stops itchy sensation and soothes irritated skin. Its unique ingredient complex comprises only consumable herbs; it is safe and gentle, suitable for all skin types and both adults and children (including babies). The spray is suitable for use on all affected areas of the body’s skin. Itch Aqua never causes white/dark patches or skin pigmentation.

Hydrates Dry Skin

Itch Aqua’s water-based formulation has the following advantages: 1) restores water levels to the epidermis 2) does not affect skin’s breathing 3) does not obstruct or hinder heat evaporation of the skin. Itch Aqua is also enriched with special hydrating ingredients to re-moisturise dry skin and make skin look smoother and healthier.

Prevents & Treats Infections

Itch Aqua contains many ingredients which are able to prevent and eliminate various skin infections such as bacterial/fungal infections - these can result due to the weak and inflamed skin. Itch Aqua can be used for infected, broken or damaged skin too.

Heals Skin

Itch Aqua is packed full of nourishing substances to promote skin repair and regeneration. We have carefully selected high quality Chinese herbal ingredients for their wonderful anti-inflammatory and healing properties; they are highly beneficial for skin health and specifically for those with eczema. Itch Aqua can replenish skin with advanced nutrients, reduce allergic reactions, calm inflammation and reduce tissue damage.

  • Safety and effect clinically proven
  • Tackles all kinds of itchy/sore skin rashes  
  • Can be used for babies
  • Can be used for broken or infected skin issues
  • No steroid, parabens or fragrance
  • Manufactured in England

Buy now to feel the exceptional benefits of Itch Aqua!

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