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D-Hayfever Package for Hay Fever

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D-Hayfever is a world unique natural remedy for hay fever, allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis.

Crafted with high quality natural Chinese botanicals according to our doctor-developed clinically proven formula, D-Hayfever is an innovative product that tackles the symptoms and roots of hay fever, combats hay fever at multiple levels—holistic, cellular and molecular, corrects the imbalance of the immune system and promotes long-term health of the nose/eyes/throat.

The D-Hayfever Package was developed based on thousands of successful hay fever cases, after our more than 20 years of clinical practice in the UK and North America.

D-Hayfever is an optimum solution for hay fever:

  • New theory and innovative product to tackle hay fever / allergic rhinitis
  • No drowsiness
  • Quickly relieves hay fever symptoms in 30 minutes
  • Strengthens the protective function of membranes of eyes/ nose/ throat
  • Potent natural nutrients to restore the imbalance of immune system
  • Obvious improvement will be seen within half hour in >95% of cases
  • Healthy condition will last months or years after finishing proper course(s)
  • Safe (like food)
  • Free from steroids and antihistamines
  • Pure GMP certified Chinese plant ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Small batch made in the UK

What is inside the package

The D-Hayfever Package includes 7 bags of D-Hayfever herbal remedies (concentrated herbal extracts in powder form), for a 1 week treatment course for adults. For children, the treatment course can last 1-2 months.

D-Hayfever provides a group of special and potent nutrients which are lacking in normal food intake and cannot be obtained from other nutritional supplements.

A China Pharma theory is that nutritional imbalances and deficiencies are the roots of hay fever; these problems not only cause the hyperactivity of the immune system, but also results in membrane weakness and the inability to protect from pollen or other antigens attacking the body. Due to being weak and swollen, the membranes of the nose, eye, throat and airways are easily attacked by virus and bacteria, leading to various acute or chronic infections.

D-Hayfever Two-Way Action

1) Corrects imbalance of general nutrition of the body and inhibits the hypersensitivity of the immune system. It stops symptoms in half an hour and lasts around 7-8 hours after one dose.  

2) Strengthens the membranes of the nose, eyes, throat and airways. This blocks antigens from entering the body and increases the protective functions of the body. Most other hay fever products mainly work on the last stage of the body’s immune reaction which is related to the release of histamine. D-Hayfever stops hay fever from the first stage - preventing antigens getting into the body, so no immune reaction occurs. This is why D-Hayfever tackles the root of hay fever and can provide long term therapeutic effect. 

Attention:  If people regularly use antihistamines, steroids or other immune inhibitors, D-Hay fever may not work well at the beginning. This is because these drugs have changed the body, so the body is more sensitive. In this case, people need to prolong the usage period of D-Hay fever, and at same time gradually reduce or stop the immune inhibitor.

How to use:

For adults, one bag a day. Half in the morning and half in the evening. Dissolve contents in hot water (100ml), drink when cool. Honey can be added if desired.

For children 6-12 years: 1 bag use for 2 days, 3-6 years: 1 bag use for 3 days. Toddlers: 1 bag use for 4 days.

How we developed D-Hayfever

In the early nineties, after living in the UK for three years, our doctor suffered from hay fever himself. Although there were a lot of medications including many herbal products which claimed to help hay fever, he did not get satisfied therapeutic effect after trying almost all of these products. After years of research and repeated personal testing, a satisfactory formula for hay fever was finally finalised and later optimised.

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