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China Pharma

Asthmago Package for Asthma

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Asthmago for asthma prevention and treatment

Asthmago is a world unique natural remedy for asthma which can replace inhalers.

Crafted with high quality natural Chinese botanicals according to our doctor-developed clinically proven formula, Asthmago is an innovative product that tackles the symptoms and roots of asthma, combats asthma at multiple levels—holistic, cellular and molecular, corrects the imbalance of the immune system and promotes long-term lung and airway health.

Asthmago was developed based on thousands of successful asthma cases, after our more than 20 years of clinical practice in the UK and North America.

Asthmago is an optimum solution for the following reasons:

  • New theory and innovative product to tackle asthma and replace inhalers
  • Strengthens the protective function of airways / lungs
  • Potent natural nutrients to restore the imbalance of immune system
  • Obvious improvement will be seen within days in >95% of cases
  • Healthy lung condition will last months or years after finishing proper course(s)
  • Safe (like food)
  • Free from steroids and antihistamines
  • Pure GMP certified Chinese plant ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Small batch made in the UK

What is inside the package

The Asthmago Package includes 7 bags of Asthmago herbal remedies (concentrated herbal extracts in powder form) for a 1 week treatment course for adults. For children, the treatment course can last 1-2 months.

How does Asthmago work

Asthmago provides a group of special and potent nutrients which are lacking in normal food intake and which cannot be obtained from other nutritional supplements as well. These nutrients tackle both the symptoms and the root of asthma in the following ways:

  1. Restores the nutritional imbalance of the body, which will reduce the hypersensitivity of immune system
  2. Strengthens the membrane of the airways, which prevent antigens from getting into the body - this blocks the immune reaction of the body from the beginning
  3. Reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings, which can prevent from bronchial spasm caused by various stimulants
  4. Strengthens the digestive system which has a direct link with asthma. The digestive systems of children are not as well developed as those of adults, which is the main reason why children have higher rates of asthma

China Pharma approaches asthma in a much different way compared with western modern medicine which believes that asthma is incurable; all treatments can only relieve symptoms. Although the treatments are generally effective and safe, long term and repeated use can inevitably cause more serious health issues such as emphysema, corpulmonale etc. WHO estimates that around half million people died of asthma (in 2019).

The effects and benefits of Asthmago are quick and long-lasting. Our clinical data has proven that the therapeutic effect starts within three days, more than 90% individuals will feel reasonably well after taking one package. The improved lung condition may last months or years after taking our package, depending on individual circumstances. Severe cases including long term regular inhaler users (or other symptomatic treatments) may need more courses. Our Asthmago is safe and suitable for long term use.

After you start using Asthmago, you may begin to try to reduce and stop using inhalers or other symptomatic asthma medication.

Asthmago can be used for prevention as well. In this case, one course every half year or one year is recommended.

How to use:

For adults, one bag a day. Half in the morning and half in the evening. Dissolve contents in hot water (100ml), drink when cool. Honey can be added if desired.

For children 6-12 years: 1 bag use for 2 days, 3-6 years: 1 bag use for 3 days. Toddlers: 1 bag use for 4 days. Infant: 1 bag use for 5-6 days. The remedy can be mixed into bottled milk. For breastfeeding babies, the mother can take the remedy as a full adult dose.

How we developed Asthmago:

In 1997, we treated a boy, who had very severe eczema. Two years later, his father came back and told us that after two weeks of herbal remedies, his eczema was much better and in addition (he was very surprised), his son had no asthma attacks at all for two years.  We reviewed the young boy’s prescription and obtained inspiration from this particular case. After further research and clinical tests, we gradually developed Asthmago and optimised our package.

Attention:  If you regularly use inhalers, including antihistamines, steroids or other immune inhibitors for a long time, Asthmago may not work well at the beginning.  This is because these drugs have changed the body, so the body is more sensitive. In this case, people need to prolong the usage period of Asthmago, and at same time gradually reduce or stop inhalers and other immune inhibitor medications.

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