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China Pharma

Heaven Dew Fine Natural Orient Eau de Parfum Woman 50ml Natural Spray

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Heaven Dew® is a divine and exquisite masterpiece radiating elegance and enchantment. Its luminous floral scent sparkles with luscious sweetness, as precious essences transform into an exotic and fascinating fragrance experience. 

Top notes: bergamot, sweet mandarin blossom.

Heart notes: rose, violet, orris, ylang ylang, neroli.

Base notes: iris, vetiver, osmanthus, gardenia

Floral fruity scent

Inspired by the luxury fragrances and scented powders originating from the ancient Chinese palaces and crafted with the finest natural perfume oils, Heaven Dew® is a genuine treasure of the Orient.

Heaven Dew® was developed with a special focus on also promoting wellbeing with its fine natural scents, derived from the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Scent is linked with the oldest part of the human brain - the part related to emotions and inspiration.