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China Pharma

Food Allergy Care

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  • New theory and innovative product to tackle food allergy condition  
  • Advanced natural nutrition to strengthen protective function of digestion system
  • Potent natural nutrients to restore the imbalance of immune system
  • Obvious improvement will be seen after one course (2 weeks-1 month)
  • Healthy condition will last months or years  after finishing proper course(s)
  • Pure GMP certified plant ingredients  
  • Easy to use, suitable for adults and children
  • Small batch made in the UK

Food Allergy Care – a world unique and innovative natural remedy for food allergy

The creation and development of Food Allergy Care are based on China Pharma’s independent theory, long-term scientific research and the efficacy has been repeatedly clinically proven.

Modern conventional medicine believes that food allergies are related to the human body's immune system being overly sensitive, but modern medicine fails to answer some further questions:  why is the immune system overly sensitive? China Pharma’s theory about food allergy is that food allergy has two fundamental causes. One is the imbalance of general nutrition of the body; another one is the deficiency of some specific nutrition in the body (China Pharma calls these SGS—slow growth substances). The former cause is related with the hypersensitivity of the immune system, the latter cause influences the development of the outer skin and inner skin of the body (this being mainly the membranes of respiratory system and digestive system), which results in their protective functions reduced or damaged, so harmful particles (antigens) are able to get into the body. In this situation, even if the immune system functions normally, the immune reaction or food allergy will still occur.

Our theory can explain:  1. Why children can more easily have food allergy, because children’s digestive system have not developed well yet; 2. Why some children outgrow their food allergy as they get older, because their digestive systems develop more completely; 3. Why developed countries have more food allergy cases, because fast-grown and processed foods can more easily contribute to such nutritional imbalance and deficiency; 4. Why food allergy symptoms can be quickly stopped and clients can attain long term benefits from using Food Allergy Care, because both the nutrition imbalance and deficiency are sorted out efficiently and simultaneously.

Food Allergy Care contains a variety of special and advanced nutrients that are often lacking in regular and normal food intake. By properly correcting the imbalance of nutrition,  the hyper-sensitivity of the body's immune system can be reverted to normal; furthermore, by supporting the presence of SGS, the body’s outer skin and inner skin can be repaired and strengthened, thereby preventing allergens from entering or attacking the body - this is combating food allergy from the origin.

Food Allergy Care is a new way to tackle food allergy, which focuses on helping the body return to the normal and healthy condition. In this situation, all foods should be able to be eaten. Avoiding certain foods and selective eating, can lead to further imbalance of the body’s nutrition and as a result, the condition may be aggravated to the extent that even the chance of recovery is lost for life.

Food Allergy Care is a combination of special pure natural Chinese herbal extracts, and is produced in small quantities in the UK according to our doctor-developed formula. Our doctor has more than 50 years of experience in both traditional Chinese medicine and western conventional medical sciences.

Food Allergy Care is safe and effective, suitable for long-term use and suitable for both adults and children. As Food Allergy Care is like food and nutrition, it is also suitable for babies and can be added into their bottles. See dosages below.

Food Allergy Care can be used as both prevention and treatment of various food allergies.

Food Allergy Care can also be used to treat food intolerance although food intolerance is different from food allergy, as it does not involve the body’s immune system.

Food Allergy Care is a bottle of 150g concentrated herbal powder mixture for a 2 week treatment course.

How to use: For adults, 10 grams a day. Dissolve 10g powder in hot water (100ml), drink when cool. Honey can be added if desired.

For children 6-12 years: 5g a day, 3-6 years: 2g a day

 Buy now to experience the amazing miracles of Food Allergy Care!