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China Pharma

D-Herpes Herbal Spray for Herpes

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D-HerpesTM is for itchy and painful blisters or skin damage caused by virus infection, including cold sores, simple herpes, shingles, genital herpes etc. It can also be used for angular cheilitis and other non-virus caused skin infection or inflammation.

D-HerpesTM spray has multiple functions: soothes irritation, relieves pain, reduces inflammation, inhibits or kills viruses and other germs, offering special nutrition to increase the speed of skin repair and shorten the healing course.

D-HerpesTM contains active natural ingredients from Chinese medicine.  Small batch made in England according to our unique herbal formula.

No steroid. Safe and effective.

Volume:  30ml Glass Spray Bottle.

Usage: spray onto affected area, 2 – 3 times daily.

Storage:  Store in a dry and cool place.