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D-Flu Cough/Cold/Flu Package

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D-flu™ package is our innovative product, developed in recent years, for severe cold/ flu symptoms, including: blocked nose, running nose, fever, headache, sore throat, cough, joints pain or whole body ache etc. These symptoms may also be accompanied by nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea, abdomen pain (gastrointestinal influenza). Severe cold /flu can develop into bronchitis or even pneumonia, if it is not treated properly.

D-flu™ package can reduce or stop all these symptoms quickly and effectively. In the recent more than two years, we have treated more than 100 cases, all cases recovered within one week including some cases which have developed into severe pneumonia with high fever, constant coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, etc.

For 99% of cases:

Running noses, stuffy noses                                 

Relief within 1 hour

Headaches, fever, abdomen pain, cough, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea

Relief within 24 hours


The earlier one takes D-flu™ package, the better the chance of a faster recovery. For early treatment, almost all patients had significant improvement in their condition after just one day. In most situations, one package is enough to help you recover. If your condition has become very bad or if you take the D-flu™ package too late, two packages may be required.

We also recommend you to have a back-up D-flu™ package, as soon as you or your family member starts having symptoms, start to use immediately – you may save both money and lives.    

What is inside the package?

The D-flu™ package includes 7 bags internal herbal remedies and 1 Omtten nasal/throat spray.

D-flu™ package is your best choice:

  1. The nose and throat are the areas where bacteria and viruses accumulate as well as the gateways to the lungs. Omtten spray works like a guard to quickly clean and protect the nose and throat – it can both prevent and treat infections.
  2. Headaches are sometimes due to the nasal area blockages; as Omtten spray can instantly remove stuffy and blocked noses, by reflex, the headache can also be quickly relieved, especially in the early stages.
  3. Fever / high temperature is the immune system’s fighting response; however, sometimes it can overreact. Our D-flu herbal remedy has an ingredient complex to avoid the body’s immune system from overreacting, thus relieving the fever symptoms.
  4. D-flu’s unique formula contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce the phlegm and cough. Unlike some drugs for cough (such as codeine), D-flu does not stop cough reflex which is a natural protective mechanism of the body. Instead, D-flu works to treat the root causes of cough.
  5. The phlegm is also the body’s protective mechanism to wash and clean the airways; however, in cases of fever, the phlegm can become sticky and unable to come out and this causes chest tightness and affects oxygen exchange. D-flu helps to dilute the phlegm, assists the release of phlegm and restores comfortable breathing.
  6. D flu strengthens the capillaries of the airway, lungs and intestine; this prevents from bleeding and the over-production of mucus.
  7. Our D-flu’s premium natural formula helps the body’s innate ability via the immune system to fight with the infection and aid recovery.
  8. Finally and importantly, according to modern research, many ingredients in D-flu can inhibit the growth and reproduction of viruses. D-flu is like a net that cover all viruses, not just one type - a characteristic of a holistic remedy.
  •  100% pure natural Chinese botanicals - we have carefully selected the best quality GMP certified Chinese herbs, according to our unique formula, which are most effective for thousands of years to tackle all types of colds and flu.
  • Safe (like food) – our remedy has no side effects, especially for short-term usage
  • Small batch made in the UK – to ensure quality we manufacture our products in small batches


D-flu Internal Remedy: Add hot water to dissolve the concentrated powder and drink twice a day; 2 bags a day, one in the morning, one in the evening. For very severe cases, you can increase the dosage to three bags a day. You can add honey, if desired.

Omtten spray: Use to spray nose /throat 4 times a day or more if desired

You should feel great improvements within two days, otherwise we recommend you to see your doctor because the situation may be more complicated as some serious diseases have initial flu-like symptoms.

Buy now to experience the amazing magic of D-flu!

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