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China Pharma

Cough 7 Herbal Remedy for Cough

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Cough is a common health issue. Cold and flu-induced cough usually clears away within one or two weeks; however, in some situations, for many reasons, the cough persists for weeks and months. Almost all cough medicine may not work and this cough can develop into bronchitis or other complications. Cough 7TM  was developed to treat this kind of difficult cough initially; later, we discovered that it is also very effective for almost all kinds of cough. 

Cough 7TM  works by helping to clean the airways by dilution and removal of mucus. Cough 7TM also inhibits or eliminates viruses or other microorganisms which may cause inflammation in the airways. In addition, Cough 7TM helps to strengthen the body's immune system for self-healing. 

Possible Side Effect: Cough 7TM  may possibly cause slight nausea for some people due to some ingredents may stimulate the stomach, otherwise there is no other obvious side effects during our more than 20 year clinical use. It can be used for both adults and children.