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China Pharma

Man-Infirti Herbal Remedy for Men Infertility

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Man­­-Infirti™ is mainly used for improving sperm quantity and quality. It can also be used for individuals with normal sperm, because since medical examinations have limitations not all health problems can be identified and diagnosed. Man­­-Infirti™ is a mixture of a special group of concentrated traditional Chinese herbal medicine extracts which work in multiple ways.  From a Chinese medicine perspective, male infertility is mainly as a results of kidney function deficiency or the imbalance of kidney yin and yang (a Chinese concept of opposing forces).  Man-Infirti™ is mainly composed of a group of kidney tonics – these special tonics contain a rich source of Zinc. According to modern medical research,   Zinc is helpful for the production of sperm. Moreover, Man-Infirti™ is highly likely to have much more unknown mechanisms useful in improving the function of the male reproductive system.  The China Pharma formula of Man-Infirti™ comes from our traditional Chinese medicine knowledge and our doctor’s experience, particularly his male infertility successful cases and scientific/biomedical research.  In our clinic, we had a very high success rate in the treatment of male infertility – another source for the development of the Man-Infirti™ formula.

Man-Infirti™ also strengthens man’s power and general health. It is safe, effective and suitable for long term use.

One month as a course, 2-3 courses are recommended. Since it takes approximately 90 days for a sperm to develop from generation to maturation, we suggest individuals to have a sperm test after taking Man-Infirti™ for three months.