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Calmcooler Herbal Remedy for Hot Flushes

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Hot flushes are very common symptoms especially in women, although it can also occur in men. Hot flushes are sometimes accompanied with sweating, rapid heart beating, irritability, anxiety, etc.

Hot flushes and related symptoms are relatively easily diagnosed using Chinese herbs. According to the Chinese Yin Yang theory and five organ theories, the cause of the symptoms is Yin deficiency and mainly concern issues relating to the kidney and liver organs. There is a large group of Yin tonics for the liver and kidney in Chinese medicine, which can relieve or stop hot flushes and related symptoms. Our product, CalmcoolerTM  has concentrated and effective Yin tonics and other active ingredients, so it works more quickly and effectively and the therapeutic effects and benefits last longer. 

Instructions for use

Put half contents of the herbal powder into a cup; dissolve using hot water, just like making instant coffee. Drink when cool. Honey can be added if desired. One bag for one day, half bag in the morning, half in the evening. If there is no obvious effect within 3 days, double the dose (two bags a day.)

One week as a course. Our clinical data has shown that for most cases only one course can have significant improvement; however, severe or chronic cases need to take for a longer time.